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Introductory Course

Structure and Contents

The Introductory Iridology course from The Felke Institute allows you to immediately put into practice what you have learned:

•    Clinically relevant and easily understandable teaching methods
•    Clearly structured and standardized Curricula
•    Colour printed script and all Iris photos included
•    Instantly useful through therapy concepts that have tested over time
•    Every seminar leader brings many years of clinic experience
•    Actual case histories used
•    First-class photo materials
•    Valuable tips and therapy suggestions
•    Innovative techniques (eg, 3-D Images)

The Introductory Course for German participants is structured in three blocks, each of which is a weekend course. Suggested prerequisite for block 2 of the Introductory Course is block 1 and for block 3 is block 2. In addtion we offer all three blocks together in a one week course, the so called Summeracademy and Winteracademy.


For English speaking interested persons once a year we offer exclusively an english spoken one week course including all 3 blocks with Practical Training as described.

Comprehensive study materials are included in a sturdy ringbinder giving easy access in referring back to notes on any subject at any time.

Lectures are given exclusively by practitioners with many years of experience. In addition each example is taken from actual patient records and is complemented by first class iris photos on large format screens. Case histories will be embellished with tips from the practice and therapy suggestions.

Our introductory training guarantees the highest level of theoretical quality and practical information. This is a solid foundation for certification as an Iridologist by The Felke Institute.

Certification is voluntary and not a requirement.





- Germany

- English Introductory Course 1 + 2 + 3 + Practical Training

- max. 10 participants


The course starts on Monday 10 o' clock

and ends on Friday 16 o' clock


€ 1540.00


- english textscript

- fotoscript

- single bed room (4 nights, from Monday to Friday)

- all meals and breakfast

- soft drinks

- german tax

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- Germany, Stuttgart

- Introductory Course 1 + 2 + 3
- Practical Training

- max. 10 participants


Monday, 10.00 h



Friday, 16.00 h


€ 1540.00 per person


- English textscript

- photoscript

- certificate of attendence


- single bed room (4 nights,

  from Monday to Friday),
  double bed room
  on demand


- breakfast and all meals

- soft drinks

- German tax

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