Professional Training in Iridology

Content Course 2

- Germany

- English Introductory Course 1 + 2 + 3 + Practical Training

- max. 10 participants



The course starts on Monday 10 o' clock

and ends on Friday 16 o' clock


€ 1590.00


- english textscript

- fotoscript

- single bed room (4 nights, from Monday to Friday)

- all meals and breakfast

- soft drinks

- german tax

Contents of the 2nd Chapter of Learning Results

The second chapter contains the teaching of comprehensive knowledge about the schematic division of the iris, its relation to organs and areas of the human body and the localization of the different indications within this system.

 Based on the creation by metabolism  and chemical processes, the pigment doctrine explains the fundamental  connections when colour changes occur in the iris, as e. g. colour embedments and colour layerings. Regarding structure, colour, shape and position further important functional information can be obtained.

Phenomena outside of the iris as e. g. pathological phenomena, pupil, lense or lumen phenomena, phenomena of the sclera and conjunctives as well as many others are an additional part of this chapter.

Methodical proceeding, limits, limit ranges and the possibilities of the method as well as the structured handling of the iris analysis in order to obtain an overall summation analysis are in the same way included as the accompanying diagnostic procedure and the clinical investigation or supplementary  labor diagnostics. Aiming at a quick and efficient application of the iris doctrine in the practice, the proceeding is discussed beginning with the treatment of the patient via the setting up of the diagnosis until we come to a therapy proposal. Cases which should be treated by a doctor are shown and in preparation of learning unit three, we discuss the use of working devices, technology and treatment possibilities.

Structure and Contents of Training Course 2