Information from Structure and Colour

Iridology 1

The superb quality of this unique and beautiful text- and reference book is not only enhanced by the more than 30 years of practical experiences by each of the three authors but also by 180 color illustrations (including approx. 120 excellent iris photos in color).

On 264 pages, Willy Hauser, Josef Karl, and Rudolf Stolz explain the topography, constitutions - disposition - diathesis, structure markings, and pigments of the eye in an easily understandable way, based on the new regulations of 1996-1997.


264 pages, 10“ x 9“, high-quality art paper, special sturdy dirt-repelling binding,
hard cover, all pages sealed with protective varnish. Printed in Germany.


€ 98,- (plus shipping and dispatch € 19,- per book)


Discription of the book.

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